Hello. I am Edwin Attaway. I am pleased to meet you. If you wish to download ANY of my images, please read and abide by the following:

I, Edwin Attaway, created ALL STATIC AND ANIMATED IMAGES contained in EDWIN'S ANIMATED IMAGES. They are copyrighted 1999 - 2014 by me. All rights are reserved. The fact that they are distributed via the Internet does NOT release them from my copyright privilege. My static and animated images may not be resold, placed on any location where a membership or entrance fee is required to access them, or used on commercial or business web sites. If you choose to download any of my images, you must abide by the copyright requirements of the creator of the content contained herein. My images are delivered to you as a gift for your use and enjoyment. I created Edwin's Animated Images so that my work could be seen and enjoyed. The best way for more people to be introduced to my work is to allow it to be shown on Personal Web Sites. But, I do not deliver my work to you for you to make money off of my talent and hard work.

WHAT IS PERMITTED - License is granted for non-commercial entities to use any of my images free of charge on their own personal, non-commercial web site. This means that if you have a personal web site you keep for fun, you may enjoy the use of these images, free from royalty payments.

As this license is given royalty free, it is revocable by, me, Edwin Attaway, and may be done so on a case by case basis. For clarification, a WEB SITE is considered by me to be a COMMERCIAL WEB SITE if BANNER SPACE is sold on a PERSONAL WEB SITE. If a person makes any money off of any portion of their web site, regardless of how much or how little, then it's a COMMERCIAL SITE. A WEB SITE is considered a COMMERCIAL SITE if it's owned and operated in conjunction with a revenue-generating site, regardless of whether the owning entity does not make money off of the portion of the web site where the content is shown. An example of this would be an e-card delivered free of charge by a commercial entity, or similar free attraction used to lure visitors to the revenue generating portion of the commercial web site. Non-profit organizations or charities are considered by me to be commercial entities. Commercial web sites may use my static and animated images only with prior permission.

WHAT IS NOT PERMITTED - My images may not be altered in any fashion. This includes, but is not limited to, removal of copyright information in the comment blocks of the imagery, use of characters and caricature or any portion of the imagery in creating other imagery, or adjustment of frame rate or transparency indexes. Any change from the pristine condition in which my images are published on Edwin's Animated Images is considered an alteration, and is prohibited. The content may not be redistributed in any form of collection or archive in any medium, Internet based or physical media, either already in existence or any developed in the future. This content may not be displayed on any web site considered a commercial web site as defined above without having first arranged royalty payment to me, Edwin Attaway.

WHAT IS REQUIRED - This content is delivered as linkware. All entities using any of my static or animated images should provide a credit to Edwin Attaway as the Artist and a link to Edwin's Animated Images. This can be a credit and link on the same page or frame where the content is displayed, or a credit and link on a "links page" or "credits page". The link may be text based.

Yours in the struggle,

Edwin Attaway

Opening Statement