coming up the drive Clay's house sand box toy
Coming up the drive to Clay's house and then to my cottage Clay's house is ahead This is the sand box toy Jerry operates
front garage entry to my cottage
Front of Clay's Garage This is the gate to my cottage
storage barn barn and cottage tucked away in the back
There is a storage barn first You can see my cottage in the trees past the barn I'm tucked away in the back
home, sweet home front foyer
Home, Sweet Home  2 dogs have 2 houses at the end of the lot and 2 in the garage Foyer - front bedroom on the right
dining room on the left front bedroom and shower open area
My dining room is on the left The front bedroom and shower adjoin My artist area
living room to the master bedroom moving in
The living room - deck on both sides that adjoin Artist area to the master bedroom - dinning room on left I'm moving in
two sinks walk-in closet and tub shower and toilet
Vanity with two sinks A walk-in closet and big oval tub - back door to the deck Private shower and toilet for the master bedroom
looking through to kitchen kitchen washer and dryer w kitchen
Looking through to the kitchen and deck Kitchen The washer and dryer are off of the kitchen
new section of drive way new parking pad Jerry runs the tractor
We put in a new section of driveway And a new parking pad - Jerry removed several trees first Jerry grades, scoops, removes concrete and trees, fills holes. etc.
covering power run to barn part of the overall cleanup from the back side of the lot
Covering the ditch for the power run to barn Firewood for the winter - part of the overall cleanup Looking at the cottage from the back side of the lot
from Clay's direction cottage - barn - Clay's Jerry filled in the pond
View from Clay's direction Clay's - barn - cottage Jerry filled in the pond - more of a low spot