One with the Universe


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There was a dot born into the world. When he looked around, he saw there was some order and stability in his new environment. He was one of the lucky ones. He was going to have a proper upbringing and education. A Loving Family. Life was going to be good. He was destined to conquer and rule.

As the dot grew and matured, he moved up in society. He had prestige and standing in the community. He had money and success, but there was still something missing. He had no Spiritual Awareness.

His empire was growing and he thought with the right expansion, he could have everything. He pushed and pushed even though he saw things were going to come crashing down. After all, he was entitled to all these riches he was acquiring. He worked for them and he had played the game of life better than most in this dog eat dog world. What did all this being spiritually aware have to do with making money?

Just as his empire collapsed, he had an epiphany. Maybe that lack of Spiritual Awareness was something. Maybe he could take what was left and build a proper life for himself and still have the finer things he worked so hard for. He moved his new home to a new place and built in on a more solid foundation. He became Spiritual Aware.

Instead of expanding in all directions at once, he saw a need to mold and shape the parts of his life that would ultimately lead to a melding of his spirit and his accomplishments. Things were really glorious, now. He felt complete. He had achieved perfection within himself – the circle. As he expanded and moved up in his spiritual journey, he saw that he was close to becoming one with the universe. At the moment of unity, he was gone?

Had being Spiritual Aware made a difference?

I am reminded of this Peggy Lee song, Is That All There Is?

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